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Page Last Updated May 10, 2003

Council Grove High School

Library - Technology Handbook


You can print through the network. Even though you may not have a printer in your room, you can send your work to one of multiple locations to be printed on a laser printer. Your work is lined up and printed when the material ahead of yours is done. Sometimes the printer backs up, and it takes awhile, but your printing will get done eventually. Please do not print more than one copy because the printing is not fast enough to suit you. All this will accomplish is more than one copy and a longer wait.

1. Go to the Apple in the upper left hand corner of your screen.
2. Choose the Chooser.
3. Click on LaserWriter 8 (or the icon which represents your printer.)
4. If you have selected LaserWriter 8, multiple choices will show up in the box on the right half of your screen: Business, CGHS Work Room, Journ2000, Speech, Workroom HP - CGHS etc. The Work Room printers are hooked directly into the network and are always available. Just highlight your choice, and until you change your selection, your machine will print to the printer you've chosen.

NOTE: The CG Middle School, District Office, and CG Elementary School printers also show up in the Chooser. It is better not to print to them.