KASL-L Mailing List FAQ

A FAQ is a selection of “Frequently Asked Questions. This document is
designed to answer some general questions, hopefully making the KASL-L
mailing list more fun and useful for everyone. This document will be
updated irregularly as issues crop up for resolution.

Who can subscribe to the mailing list?

Anyone who’s a current member of Kansas Association of School Librarians
(KASL) is automatically subscribed to the mailing list if they include
their e-mail address with their membership application. If you prefer,
you don’t have to subscribe to the mailing list, although most members
do find it a useful resource.

How do I post to the mailing list?

Assuming you’re a subscriber to the mailing list, send an e-mail with
what you want posted to


Please be sure to use a SUBJECT line for your posting which provides a
short description of the content of your posting.

Is there anything I shouldn’t post to the mailing list?

The mailing list is for the members of the Kansas Association of School
Librarians. Everything on the mailing list should be directly related to
school libraries and those who work in them.

How do I reply to postings to the mailing list?

Keep in mind that if you want to reply to a posting on the mailing list
and you hit the “Reply” button in your e-mail client, your reply goes to
the person who posted the original message. If you want your reply to go
to the mailing list, you need to either use the “Reply All” button in
your e-mail client, or enter the mailing list address on the TO or CC
line of the e-mail envelope.

Do I need to have a .sig file? What is a .sig file?

A .sig file is just a short “signature” that appears at the bottom of
your e-mails. How you work with .sig files varies widely depending on
what e-mail cilent you use. For KASL-L, it’s considered good etiquette
to have at least your name, your school, and your community listed as
part of your posting to the mailing list.

What if something goes wrong, or I have another question?

You can contact the LISTOWNER (the guy behind the curtain), Brig C.
McCoy at

BRIGC@BCMCCOY.COM or 816 885-2700

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E-mail Martha House.
Last updated: August 25, 2008